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Velofel in ens in a group of women so that is very powerful another yes yes it's incredibly powerful in an empowered and loving way they are unable to know when it is time to set that boundary and so one n this journey along but there are people along the way who can support you in such as mula and myself and all the people who are not serving you anymore people who are mm impeding your growth ht now in the West is that they carry a few chilled the shield is so strong that the woman appears unwelcoming were kind of maybe sitting on a high horse or just insecure and scared whatever that is but that shield is so strong that men do not approach her yes exactly and yes they look unavailable and especially right now men are really scared to approach women I hear it from everywhere everywhere and so on top of like the usual regular fear that men generally have of course because they're afraid to be rejected now on top of it they're also afraid for some legal consequences and women are carrying the shield so there is yeah so the reason why they're carrying the shield is because they know that if they open up what is inside is mushy so you can see this woman who looks like a total bitch and then all of a sudden she falls in love merges with the first addict you know on the next thing you know is that she's screaming bloody murder dying and paying his rent you know so that's what this shield is for well now instead of that shield in instead of that machinist you have this absolute alignment inside of yourself knowing who you are being completely connected to your own spirit and your own spirit actually you know is the common spirit we share that soul the universal soul what strength yeah exactly and you're also showing up and the move your movement went up and of course yes part of that spirit is is